It all started more than a decade ago with one simple premise. Every woman deserves  a comfortable, high quality telekung (prayer garment).

Puan Padzilah Enda Sulaiman, the founder,  found that women struggled to find comfortable and high quality prayer garments. This ultimately breathed life unto Siti Khadijah in 2009 and its aspirations to ensure that women could opt for a better, more comfortable telekung (prayer garment).

Now, with more than 40 boutiques in Malaysia as well as in Indonesia, Siti Khadijah is a household name and aims to be a reputable global brand that champions a modest niche for lifestyle products.

We are excited to bring SK products to Australia! With a growing number of Muslims, we hope to showcase the quality of SK products which are timeless classics to Australia shores.
Siti Khadijah

Sebuah Perjalanan Menuju Cinta Abadi


Our Quality Compass

We take pride in our attention to detail and ability to ensure that each apparel as well as accessories are made perfectly.

Fine stitching that ensures comfort and durability. Sizes that guarantees to fit accordingly towards local needs. Usage of long lasting material that withstands wear and tear.

Our Secret to Success


One part of being a devout believer is to maintain a good relationship with The Almighty by adhering to Islamic beliefs and practices, in accordance to The Quran and Hadith.

Thus, our product follows the same principle and are all made to be shariah compliance to minimize as much doubts possible while performing ibadah (Muslim religious rituals).


Another part of being a devout believer is to maintain good relationships with other human beings. We uphold positive values among employees to establish a harmonious working environment along with proper social behaviour in communicating, internally or externally.

In addition, we extend this belief towards customers, referring to them as "Family SK", as tribute for their endless support.


Finally, a devout believer takes an active role to conserve the environment. This is meant to show appreciation towards The Creator for the abundance blessings of nature.

Our code of conduct takes environmental concerns into account to prevent wasting resources and contamination. Moreover, our effort is evident through products that are made from eco-friendly materials.