Siti Khadijah x Hegira So Daisy Lot 2

$35.00 AUD

  • This non-iron hijab is super comfortable for any busy woman who loves practicality and comfort all at once
  • It is made with our new “Casual Shawl Facelook” awning design, which gives the illusion as if you are wearing a shawl when you are actually wearing tudung sarung (Slip-on instant hijab)
  • It is so easy to put on, you just need to slip it on
  • The material is very comfortable, you can use it for any occasion: from work, family outing to grocery shopping and even for a walk or a jog

What Makes Us Special?

Finest Material

Siti Khadijah prayer garment is admired for its comfort. Through Research and Development (R&D) process, we are able to bring to our customers technologically advanced Japanese fabrics that are breathable & lightweight.

Perfectly Fitted Design

The perfect face structure was built on a desire to help the wearer feel comfortable when performing their prayer. Stretchable materials are used for the chin lining to provide comfort and were tailored to suit all types of faces.

Size & Measurement


SK telekung (prayer garments) are tailored with a standard height and width so anyone can wear it. Facial sizes on selected collection varies from S to XL to ensure maximum comfort during prayer.


Based on years of research & development, our free sized telekung (prayer garments) are made to fit the average Asian facial circumference (60cm).